February 21, 2010

Yearly Schedule

Here's how I think I will take pictures for the year. I've given each month a general theme and each week in that month has a more specific theme so I will have a variety of pictures. I also hope having to concentrate on a certain theme each month will help me become better in all areas of photography and learn to notice the details in things I might not otherwise notice. I'm really excited to be creative and see what I can come up with!!! Wish me luck!

For Each month I've divided the weeks up and given them each a theme, so the numbers below each month represent what week it is, ex: March 14th-20th the general theme is graphic pictures that month, that week's assignment is to take pictures of something that has a pattern in it.  Make sense?  The next week, March 21st-27th I will be finding interesting shapes to take pictures of.

February- Details
Week of 21-27 Finding the details in everyday life

March- Graphic
28-6 Repetitive or interesting lines
7-13 Hidden Letters
14-20 Patterns
21-27 Interesting Shapes
28-3 Artsy/Graphic

April- Living
4-10 Plants
11-17 Flowers
18-24 Animals
25-1 Other

May- Focus/Depth of Field and Focal Length
2-8 Blur (out of focus, motion blur, surface blur, etc.)
9-15 Shallow DOF
16-22 All in Focus/Different Focal Lengths
23-29 Bokeh

June- Light
30-5 Studio Lights (indoors and outdoors)
6-12 Natural Light
13-19 Dramatic Lighting
20-26 Sunflare
27-3 Lighting Placement (backlit, side light, etc.)

July- People
4-10 Kids
11-17 Expressions
18-24 Details (feet, hair, eyes, smile, etc.)
25-31 Portraits

August- Creative
1-7 Textures (surface texture and photoshop textures)
8-14 Be creative using Photoshop
15-21 Creative Lighting
22-28 Creative Angles

September- Locations
29-4 Yard/Neighborhood
5-11 Inside (our house, inside a building, mom's house, etc.)
12-18 Urban Locations
19-25 Landscapes/Outdoor Locations
26-2 Grunge/Vintage

October- Emotions
3-9 Happy
10-16 Lonely/Sad/Dreary
17-23 Energy
24-30 Dark/Scary

November- Holidays
31-6 Halloween
7-13 Other
14-20 Thanksgiving
21-27 Christmas

December- Colors
28-4 Orange
5-11 Green
12-18 Blue
19-25 Red
26-1 Multi

January- New
2-8 New Start
9-15 New Life
16-22 New Goals
23-29 New Friends

February- Random/Favorites
30-5 What I Learned
6-12 Before and After (Photoshop, skills, etc.)
13-19 Anything
20-26 Favorites from the Year

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