February 27, 2010

7/365 {Details}

Project 365

Aaralyn reading. If I knew how to do anything with the video I took, I would post the video of her reading this book, but I'm still working on that. Eventually I'd like to be able to do videography too.


  1. Is she seriously reading? What have you been doing? Is there a certain program you are doing? Really... I want to know. That's awesome!

  2. Haha, not so much "reading" as memorizing! We have some of these sight words books that are very repetitive so they can learn sight words, this book was pretty much... "Here are the balloons, here are the guests, here are the hats, here are the horns..." etc, so they get the point of reading and catching on to recognizing "here" and "are". But I think this is what my friend Brandi has done with her little boy who just turned 4 (one month older), and he's reading. Ya, I know... can you believe it? He's been reading sight words for like 6 months too... We're not THAT good at our house.